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Helping Executives & Leaders Thrive

For nearly 100 years, psychology researchers studied people with mental disorders to help them live more normal lives.

What about your average Jane or Joe? What did psychology research say about helping them live extraordinary lives?

In the late 90s, Positive Psychology was born and now more and more researchers are helping to answer that question by changing their perspective from “what’s going wrong?” to “what’s going right?” They are looking at the outliers of performance – those who experience prolonged trauma but thrive none-the-less thereafter, those who outlive their colleagues even though they do the same work, those who succeed in all aspects of life (relationships, career, money, and more) – to understand the psychological underpinnings.

This positive reframing is what caused us to start Mainsail Executive Coaches. No matter how well you patch the holes in your boat (i.e. fix your weaknesses), you won’t go far fast without a big sail to capture the wind and propel yourself forward (i.e. leverage your strengths).

Our ultimate goal is to help companies and individuals thrive. We do this by making it easy for companies to find the right executive and leadership coaches for their needs.

Over 10,000 Coach-Client Matches Since 2007

Mainsail Executive Coaches is owned and operated by PairCoach Enterprises Inc., a privately-held company based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. We have been in business since 2007.

PairCoach Enterprises Inc. also owns and operates Noomii.com, the professional coach directory, and Theravue.com, an online deliberate practice training system to improving psychological skills.

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