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Expert Coaches With Executive Experience

If you have searched for executive coaches, you will have discovered that the market is fragmented. There are thousands of independent coaches and how are you supposed to know which are the good ones? And even if you can find the best coaches, how do you know they are the right match for your needs.

Here at Mainsail Executive Coaches, we solve that problem by knowing the coaching industry. Everyday, we are building relationships with our coaches, tracking their performance over time, and getting valuable feedback from clients so we can better serve you.

What We Look For In Our Coaches

We vet all of our coaches so you don’t have to. The key pieces of information that we verify are:

  • Coaching credentials and training
  • Years of experience, both as a coach and formerly as an executive leader
  • Industry experience
  • Description of ideal clients
  • Experience using psychological instruments such as 360 reviews or MBTI
  • Rates and preferred engagement duration

Because all of our coaches are independent contractors, our priority is to always make a good match and if there is ever a bad fit, we can easily find more potential coaches for a coaching engagement.

We Let the Client Choose

With each coaching engagement, we generally recommend two or three coaches and let the client choose. As the saying goes, ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’ and it also applies to coaches. Sometimes, a coach will look absolutely perfect on paper but when the client speaks to the coach, they just don’t have a good feeling about it. Unless the client is 100% satisfied with the coaches they’ve been offered, we keep recommending coaches. Thankfully, it’s rare for us to have to recommend more than three coaches.

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